About Foster Care

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What is the process to become a Foster Carer?

The first step is where you are now. Why not register an interest with us by completing our initial enquiry form so we can get in touch to provide you with some more information, or feel free to give us a call for a chat.

The process of being assessed usual takes around 3-4 months. It involves one of our social workers getting to know you and your family and finding out more about you.

Alongside visits from our social worker, with your consent we undertake checks with the police, Local Authority and other agencies.

We will seek references from people who know you well and can comment on your suitability to foster. We will also pay for you to have a full medical check-up with your GP.

You will be invited to attend a training course called ‘The Skills to Foster’ which is very informative and provides you with all the information you need to know about becoming a foster carer. It also forms part of the assessment.

When the assessment is completed, the information will be presented to our Fostering Panel where a recommendation will be made.

Once you are approved as a foster carer, you will have your own supervising social worker from People Who Foster who you will be in regular contact with.

They will be there to support you throughout your fostering journey and offer you advice and assistance when needed.

What types of Fostering are there?

There are many different types of fostering and our experienced social workers will discuss these with you throughout the assessment process to decide what is right for you and your family.

Emergency Placements

This is when a child needs to be looked after at short notice, often because it has become unsafe for them to remain where they are.

Short-term Placements

Some children need to be looked after for a short period of time while decisions are made about their future, whether this be to return home or to move to a more permanent placement.

You can support them while such decisions are being made and prepare them for moving on when it is time.

Parent and Child Placements

These are specialist placements that involve the child or children and either one or both of their parents coming to live with you.

Your role will be to support the family and assist them with their parenting skills while assessments are carried out by the Local Authority.

Bridging Placements

These types of placements are often for babies and young children who need to be looked after for short periods before moving on to more permanent placements.

Your role will be to support them through this and help to ensure a positive transition.

Long-term Placement and Permanency

For some children, the decision is made for them to remain in foster care until they reach an age where they can care for themselves. This is where long term fostering comes in.

Respite Placements

Sometimes parents and carers need support in caring for their child for many different reasons.

Respite care is often required for short, time limited periods, but may also be a regular arrangement.

What is matching?

No matter what type of fostering you choose, the most important thing to ensure its success is matching and support.

At People Who Foster we pay particular care and attention to matching the needs of the child to your family.

This is to ensure the placement is a positive experience for the child you are caring for and your own family.

Decisions are made jointly and you have a say in whether you feel a placement will be right for you.

What support do Foster Carers receive?

In our experience, the other key to success is support for foster carers. We believe our foster carers deserve the right support and we know that when foster carers feel supported and valued, they are more able to manage the challenges they are faced with. This will ensure stability, consistency and continuity for care for the children and young people.

Allocated social workers

Each of our Foster Carers are allocated a fully qualified and experienced Supervising Social Worker.

They will be the first port of call for advice and support and will visit the placement regularly and be able to build a relationship with the family.

At People Who Foster, the ratios of Foster Carers to Supervising Social Workers is kept low to ensure that each Supervising Social Worker has the time to dedicate to each of their Foster Carers and that this resource is not overstretched.


We offer 24 hour support, 7 days a week, 365 days a year via our on-call system.

We appreciate that the responsibilities of our foster carers do not end outside office hours, so our on-call support ensures that there is always someone at the end of the phone if advice and support is needed.

Paid respite

In addition to the 24 hours support each of our foster carers receive 21 nights paid respite per annum and a generous fostering allowance. Please contact us to find out more.

Do Foster Carers receive any training?

People Who Foster are committed to providing a comprehensive training programme for all our Foster Carers.

We will provide the necessary training to support Foster Carers to complete the Training, Support and Development (TSD) standards which form part of the National Minimum Standards within 12-18 months of approval.

Alongside this a rolling programme of core training with the addition of more advanced training will be offered.

We appreciate that our Foster Carers lead very busy lives and therefore we are flexible with our approach to facilitating training to ensure it is achievable.

We will provide training facilitated both by staff at People Who Foster and external providers, alongside online training.

Become a Foster Carer

Come and join us – we are a family run company who pride ourselves in placing the needs of children at the heart of what we do. If you are enthusiastic, caring and have time to spare, then get in touch with us today.

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