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People Who Foster

by Katie Wright |

All foster carers receive an allowance when you have a looked after child placed in your care. As an approved foster carer with People Who Foster, you are paid the allowance while you have a child in placement. The amount paid is based on the individual needs of the child. This allowance will help to pay for any costs associated with looking after a child living with you, for example food, clothing, activities, travel and holidays.

In addition to this, foster carers are entitled to claim for travel costs associated with the child placed with you.

It is however important to understand that fostering can be unpredictable, and you may not always have a child living with you and during this time, you will not be paid any fees or allowances. Therefore, the allowances and fees received from fostering should not be seen as the main form of income. As a foster carer you will need to think about how you will manage financially during such times when there is no fostering income.

Dependent on your circumstances you may be entitled to claim benefits and tax credits.
What matters to us at People Who Foster is knowing that you can provide dedicated support to a child or young person. Your individual circumstances and the implications of any financial stress would be discussed during your assessment process.

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