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People Who Foster

by Katie Wright |

At People Who Foster we thoroughly assess everyone wanting to become a foster carer.

Our foster carers come from many walks of life. A broad range of foster carers provides more choice for an equally diverse range of children and young people who are looking for a nurturing home life.

Our main concern is your ability to provide the right care for a vulnerable child or young person. We assess your suitability through:

  • Your ability to work with us as part of a professional team
  • Your health, background and lifestyle
  • Your skills, attitude and personality, including experience of parenting or caring for children
  • Your commitment to undertaking ongoing training
  • Your ability to provide a caring and nurturing environment, including an assessment of your home.
  • Each foster child must have their own bedroom.
  • Your availability to a foster child, if you’re single, you will need to have flexible working arrangements e.g., work part-time. If you’re a couple, you’ll need to arrange your working hours so one of you is available at all times.
  • Age – you must be at least 18
  • Full-time UK residency or permission to remain

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